BIM evolves from advantage to prerequisite 
Building information modeling is increasingly a required capability, a standard for being part of a project team much the way Henry Ford's assembly line became the standard for producing affordable cars, according to Dan Hughes, Bradley Corp.'s BIM strategist. "The market demand for BIM competency is either growing or shrinking the market for both project firms and professionals. If you are a real player, it's expanding, and if you lack BIM competency, your market opportunities are shrinking," Hughes writes.Sourceable (2/10)
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Building Workplace Trust 2015
Interaction Associates' 6th annual research study tracking trust on the job, Building Workplace Trust, is out, and more than half of employees surveyed give their organizations low marks for trust and leadership. Yet this year's findings again point to how high trust leads to better outcomes and financial results — and even boosts innovation.

BIM in the News
3D technology gives designers a bigger role in creating renderings 
Building designers are becoming proficient 3D modelers with CAD software that allows incorporation of 2D/3D synchronized modeling workflows as well as data input about a structure's composition. The changes are the result of designers' growing adoption of building information modeling, encouraging them to play a bigger role in the final render of a building. (Australia) (2/16)
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Bentley pushes ahead on 3D modeling with French acquisition 
Unmanned aerial vehicle
(Pierre Andrieu / AFP / Getty Images)
Bentley Systems envisions 3D models produced from photos taken by unmanned aerial vehicles for use in surveying, construction monitoring and more. The Smart3DCapture technology was developed by Acute3D of France, recently acquired by Bentley. AEC Magazine online (U.K.) (2/10)
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5 tips for managing negative online comments
The Internet gives your customers a voice online, but what can you do when that voice is yelling negative comments? With 5 tips, you can learn how to positively respond and help direct the conversation. Read the article and learn the 5 ways to respond positively.

Advanced Construction Methods Sponsored By
SUV rig assesses buildings' energy loss in thermal drive-bys 
Thermal image of house
(Cultura RM / Joseph Giacomin)
A thermal imaging device mounted atop an SUV can quickly chart where heat is leaking from buildings as the vehicle drives past. The rig's developer, MIT spinoff Essess, has used it to thermally map 17,000 buildings in Cambridge, Mass. (2/11)
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Augmented reality, other technologies show potential for design industry 
The architectural industry could see tremendous gains -- perhaps even "paradigm-defining" tools -- stemming from augmented reality and wearable devices. "While still fledgling technologies, they are showing much promise in bridging imagination with reality," said Thomas West, managing director of Australian AR provider Sydney Interactive. Sourceable (2/9)
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Whitepaper: SDN: How do you get there from here?
Are the growing data needs of mobile, cloud, big data and social threatening today's enterprise networks? Scalable processes, a phased integration approach and the appetite to optimize over time are key components of a modern network. It's how agile organizations prepare for the data needs of tomorrow.
Explore the whitepaper to start down the path toward SDN.

Construction Technology in Focus
Open BIM plays big role in new hotel in Australia 
Close-up of hotel sign
(Fred Bahurlet / EyeEm)
Open building information modeling has taken a step forward with a new five-star Westin Hotel and office tower in Perth, Australia. The project is considered a groundbreaker in Australia for open BIM, which employs open standards and workflows for better collaboration in design, construction and building (Australia) (2/13)
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U.K. project builds houses of straw 
Ordinary straw is the stuff of a U.K. engineering research project led by the University of Bath. A project in Bristol is using straw bales and timber-framed prefabricated walls to build homes. The straw, a natural waste material, will be faced with conventional bricks but will serve as superior insulation. BBC (2/8)
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Working Together
Data sharing in stages advised for construction, maintenance teams 
Construction data can be vital for maintenance teams but only if the data are properly shared, according to Ralph Rio, research director for ARC Advisory Group. For best results, Rio said, sharing should be done in stages. "If you bring the operation and maintenance people in earlier in the process and they become aware of information available, you can pull information more gradually rather than wait for the end to do it." Plant Engineering (2/11)
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Leadership lessons from Dean Smith 
Dean Smith, the legendary basketball coach who died Feb. 7, is being remembered as a compassionate leader and mentor who served his players on and off the court. Two notable traits: Smith took an early stand against racial segregation in the 1950s, and he began the tradition of players publicly thanking teammates whose passes made it possible for them to score. "He had an unyielding loyalty to us. That's why we had that fierce commitment to him, because he had that commitment to us," said former player David Chadwick.