BIM programs rate high among Silicon Valley engineers 
Virtual design, building information modeling and LiDAR are rated among the favorite technologies recently adopted by engineering firms in California's Silicon Valley. The technologies allow "various disciplines to see where potential design conflicts or clashes may arise, thus reducing the amount of disruptions during the construction phase," said Roberto Morfin, BIM coordinator for Clark Richardson & Biskup Consulting Engineers. American City Business Journals/San Jose, Calif. (2/19)
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The Key To Positive Cash Flow
Every business is cyclical with cash flow ups and downs. The key is to find a way to keep the cash coming in as predictably as possible. Seem impossible? Well it's not. There are systems and processes that make it easier to collect the cash you've earned so your small business can grow. Learn how these small-business owners set up their businesses for success.

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Architectural modeling may be due for tech-driven comeback 
Rapid adoption of BIM has been instrumental in advancing the use of 2D/3D synchronized modeling workflows. And this paired with 3D printing technology may bring back the old practice of architectural modeling, giving clients and review boards a better understanding of architects' (Australia) (2/18)
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BIM making its mark in interior design 
3d render living room
BIM, with the increased speed and convenience it brings to the table, is finding its way into the field of interior design. Three-dimensional models of existing interiors can be produced quickly, and BIM applications allow for easy coordination of models under development, adjusting automatically to changes made by interior designers. Sourceable (2/17)
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Bentley plans product upgrades for quick 3D modeling 
Bentley Systems is planning to integrate reality-capture software from its French acquisition, Acute3D, into Bentley's existing infrastructure design, construction and support products. The goal is to allow users to quickly convert their images into 3D models using any of the company's products. Engineering News-Record(2/23)
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Building Workplace Trust 2015
Interaction Associates' 6th annual research study tracking trust on the job, Building Workplace Trust, is out, and more than half of employees surveyed give their organizations low marks for trust and leadership. Yet this year's findings again point to how high trust leads to better outcomes and financial results — and even boosts innovation.

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3D modeling scales up to cities 
City buildings
(Nicolas Daumas / EyeEm)
Architectural design multiplied by thousands is what 3D city design is all about, bringing into the urban planning mix all the legal, code, utility and site-planning factors, as well as legacy data and geography, writes Susan Smith, editor of GISCafe and AECCafe. The Netherlands is adopting the technology, and Berlin has commissioned a citywide 3D model that will be available for all to use. AEC Cafe/GIS Cafe (2/17)
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Renderings: Plans revealed for a sustainable floating village 
Yacht designer Christian Grande wants to construct a floating village in a marina. The project would contain floating homes with sustainable and modular designs. Abifloat, as it's dubbed, would utilize "load bearings made from aluminum posts and stringers, buoyancy reserves, sandwich wall technology made from recycled plastic, and thermal insulation made from lightweight straw, cork or chipboard honeycombed baffles."Gizmag (2/16)
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How to Achieve IT Agility: A Survival Guide for IT Decision Makers
When business teams add new apps and services to already-strained networks, IT departments are accountable for making everything work. Is your team ready for this challenge? Read this eGuide to learn how IT teams are automating their networks, why they're utilizing Ethernet fabrics and SDN, and what success looks like as they regain network control and business relevance.

Construction Technology in Focus
Video: Robot puts remote supervisors onsite 
Tablet head on robot
(Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Remote supervisors would be able to make face contact with workers at construction sites and even follow them around using the Punchbot. The robotic device, developed at an AEC hackathon event, combines a Segway-like robot, a tablet device and FieldLens for onsite collaboration. (2/17)
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3D technology increases ability to create complex concrete forms 
3D engineering company 3Dealise and concrete construction company Bruil have developed a process for creating concrete forms in interesting, curving shapes. The mold can be separated from the form, which has traditionally constrained concrete construction. "Because this new technology is capable of producing large-scale, fiber-reinforced concrete, it can be used for real-world applications," said Roland Stapper, the CEO of 3Dealise. (2/16)
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Working Together
Trim labor costs through Web-based collaboration 
High labor costs in construction and persistent underperformance in terms of productivity are putting a premium on collaboration that makes the most of everyone's input, writes Rob Humphreys. Along these lines, Web-based collaboration platforms are key in bringing together designers, architects, contractors and clients.