Skyscraper builders reach for clouds with new methods, materials 
Engineering companies such as Thornton Tomasetti, which are stretching the envelope for building height, aren't afraid to employ new materials and techniques. These can include placing concrete pumps hundreds of feet high in the developing structure, testing models in wind tunnels and sampling soil for composition and its ability to support the weight of a structure. Sourceable (3/17)
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Selling your business? Here are 7 things you should do now.
If you're considering selling your business, you should be doing everything you can to get the best possible price. In just 7 simple steps you can improve your chances of attracting buyers and getting big bucks for your business. Read the article and learn the 7 steps.

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BIM working group set to take action in Spain 
A BIM working group has been established in Barcelona, Spain, the first BIM task group in the country. The group will work on existing infrastructure and pending projects, and it will plan for future smart buildings for the city. BIM Academy blog (3/20)
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Tap the best in BIM for electrical, fire-protection mechanical, plumbing, design 
Building information modeling can be helpful in electrical, fire-protection, mechanical and plumbing design, writes Arup's Ed Paul. But much depends on the design team taking advantage of the best from each variation of BIM to create a successful process. Plant Engineering (3/19)
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University taps BIM to update 1950s building 
Building information modeling was key in retrofitting a 1950s-era building on a California campus to upgrade its electrical, fire-protection, mechanical and plumbing systems. BIM helped keep modifications to a minimum. Plant Engineering (3/19)
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How to Achieve IT Agility: A Survival Guide for IT Decision Makers
When business teams add new apps and services to already-strained networks, IT departments are accountable for making everything work. Is your team ready for this challenge? Read this eGuide to learn how IT teams are automating their networks, why they're utilizing Ethernet fabrics and SDN, and what success looks like as they regain network control and business relevance.

Advanced Construction Methods
Ore. bridge uses cutting-edge engineering 
Construction of the $307.5 million Sellwood Bridge in Oregon over the Willamette River is featuring innovative techniques. The project has utilized liquid nitrogen-cooled concrete, two perched box caisson river piers and prefabricated steel arches. Engineering News-Record (3/17)
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Business Tips and Advice
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Construction Technology in Focus
Drone over Rio demonstrates value in 3D scanning 
A drone using an ordinary digital camera spent a few hours flying around Rio de Janeiro's Christ statue to provide data for the first 3-D scan of the monument. The project demonstrated the capability of drones for producing detailed replicas and, more immediately, will provide valuable data for preserving the 84-year-old Rio statue. MIT Technology Review online (3/19)
Working Together
Enable innovation in a collaborative environment 
Innovation is key to survival, and an innovation ethos should be encouraged across a successfully collaborative company's team to take advantage of how different members think, Boris Pluskowski writes. He offers tips to achieve these results, including gamification and demonstrating a direct path from participation to value. (Sweden) (3/16)
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How Steve Jobs grew up as a leader 
Steve Jobs
Jobs (Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Steve Jobs is widely seen as an "obstreperous ingrate" who browbeat others into submission to his vision, but the truth is more nuanced, argues Rick Tetzeli. Those who worked with Jobs remember him as forceful and bombastic but also willing to grow, collaborate and surround himself with smart, strong people capable of pushing back. Jobs' legacy lives on in Apple's continuing culture of "rigorous, collaborative, and deeply open-minded" leadership, Tetzeli argues