Cloud-based computing is transforming AEC firms 
'Cloud Power'
(Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images)
Cloud-based computing is transforming the designing and building processes for architecture, engineering and construction firms, asserts Charles Keating, president of Keating Consulting Service. The technology has brought 3D designs out of the office and onto the job site. Kitsap Sun (Kitsap Peninsula, Wash.) (free registration) (4/3)
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BIM in the News
BIM a crucial element in facility-management competencies 
Technology and human factors are two of 11 elements in key facility-management competencies that present the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities, writes Jim Sinopoli of Smart Buildings LLC. And under technology, building information modeling comes to the fore as a data-management tool that provides the framework that sets buildings on the right path. (4/2015)
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BIM is the future for American masonry 
BIM is a 3D-modeling process that "saves time and cost, improves estimation accuracy, reduces waste and avoids conflicts in the field," writes James Boland. However, the masonry trade has been slow to adopt it and could soon find itself obsolete unless changes are made. "It is no doubt the future of masonry," says University of Pennsylvania engineer David Biggs, program coordinator of the BIM for Masonry Initiative. "It's not a choice, but a must." Engineering News-Record (4/1)
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BIMForum News
BIMForum Conference topic survey 
Please take this one-question survey and let the BIMForum know which themes you would most like to see at a future BIMForum.
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Spring BIMForum || April 29–30 || San Diego 
Transforming Deliverables 
The spring BIMForum will focus on how BIM and VDC are transforming design and construction deliverables. Topics include a highlight of new innovative model-based deliverables; how owner requirements are evolving to allow new deliverables; and how new deliverables can yield better results in the field. Learn more and register.
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Advanced Construction Methods
Robotic system 3D-prints concrete like layering a cake 
Layer cake
(Tina Wong)
3D printers can now print with concrete, thanks to the University of Southern California and Behrokh Khoshnevis. The Contour Crafting Robotic Construction System, as it's called, was designed by Khoshnevis. The system resembles a regular 3D printer but uses extra nozzles and trowels that pump and smooth concrete as it prints in a way similar to layering a cake. Journal of Commerce (Canada) (4/3)
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Company turns drone-gathered data into 3D models 
Drones are highly capable of gathering bird's-eye images and data, and cloud-based software startup DroneDeploy can make speedy work of turning that imagery and information into 3D models. "You can turn the drone on and build a 3D model or map of your farm or land, and you can do this very cheaply," said CEO Mike Winn. Fortune (4/1)
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Company is developing brick-laying robots 
Brick wall
(Zhao Wall / EyeEm)
Construction Robotics is advancing automated construction technology. The company has developed a robot that can lay bricks and could be used to supplement the declining number of brick masons. The project is good at repetitive tasks but cannot make the subtle adjustments of a professional mason. "A human bricklayer adjusts instantaneously for wind, other workers on the scaffold and other conditions," said operations manager Zak Podkaminer. Journal of Commerce (Canada) (3/31)
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Trimble to offer handheld 3D scanner 
Trimble will be bringing down the price point for 3D construction scanning by incorporating DotProduct's DPI-8 scanner as part of the Trimble portfolio. The scanner is lightweight and self-contained, and it can be used with one hand. AEC Magazine online (U.K.) (3/31)
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Construction Technology in Focus
Bio-plastic mix is "ink" for 3D-printed home 
A bio-plastic mix, with microfiber-reinforced plant oil, is the "ink" being used to 3D-print a 13-room home in Amsterdam. DUS Architects, which is printing the home, says fabricating it in this way decreases greenhouse emissions because it reduces the need for transportation of materials and creates no waste. Firm co-founder Hans Vermeulen says using digital technologies could transform the building industry and help it become more "agile." Reuters (3/31)
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Working Together
Learn to use augmented reality to reap benefits for your firm, clients 
As augmented reality enters the tech toolbox of the architecture, engineering and construction industry, time needs to be spent to learn how to best use it, writes Tom West, co-founder of Sydney Interactive. West offers tips to help, and he notes that the use of AR gives your client "a better understanding and appreciation of the value of your work," and gives you "an improved feedback loop and value added to the project process."Sourceable (3/31)
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Across-team diversity can power innovation 
Creating several teams -- each with different purposes and specializations -- can enhance the innovative potential of a company as a whole, writes Vikas Aggarwal. "Managing diversity should take into account not just a team-by-team perspective, but rather keep an eye on the bigger picture of across-team diversity," he writes.